Innovations that promote sustainable consumption.

We're on a mission to create digital ventures that will transform the supply chain and retail industries.

LFX is your connection to the supply chain of the future. Here's what we do.


We invest strictly in what we know, the supply chain and retail. We know how today’s supply chain works, and we want to work with those envisioning new ways of working and new ways of thinking. You bring the ideas, we add the expertise and insights.


If you’re an entrepreneur with a passion to disrupt, who challenges the status quo, connecting with LFX will help you validate your ideas. If they make sense, we’ll provide the infrastructure and support to help bring them to life.


Success is 1% inspiration, 99% execution. Our goal is to help those in the LFX ecosystem succeed. We'll help you find the right people, the right financial partners, the technology solutions you need, and more — with your success in mind.

The right connections lead to exponential results.

When it comes to supply chain digitalization and retail transformation, getting from here to there takes collaboration and a non-linear view. To connect the dots requires thinking in unconventional ways.

We're building an ecosystem of companies and people who share the goal of supply chain digitalization and retail transformation. We're taking new concepts and fresh ideas to create long-term value.

Collaborate to innovate.
That's the LFX ethos.

Digitalizing the supply chain takes more than technological innovations. It requires an understanding of the different businesses and their stakeholders. We facilitate the collaborations, knowing that every step, no matter how big or small, gets us one step closer to sustainable consumption.

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Li & Fung’s LFX Gets Into Supply Chain Financing

From SOURCING JOURNAL. “LFX has launched Air8, a supply chain fintech company to serve the financing needs of small-to-medium enterprise (SME) consumer goods suppliers. GLP

Sustainable consumption, one digital connection at a time.

Digital innovations inspired by 100+ years of supply chain experience and insights.

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