A new way of thinking, a new way of working.

Technology alone doesn't transform. A cultural shift is necessary — thinking and doing things differently. LFX is on a mission to facilitate that shift so that sustainable consumption quickly becomes reality.

100+ years experience,
unmatched insights.

We’re an offshoot of Li & Fung, the world’s leading orchestrator of one of the most extensive supply chain networks.

Building on our insights into the supply chain, LFX was founded to create digital ventures that will transform the supply chain and retail industries. We’re building a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, technologists, and supply chain stakeholders who innovate and put great ideas into action, collaborating with these stakeholders to build an agnostic platform of digital supply chain and retail transformation solutions.

We invite you to join our ecosystem.

Transformation starts now.
Meet the leadership driving the change.

Spencer Fung

Executive Chairman

"It’s the companies that you don’t see, the companies that come from the left field, from a different angle, from a different industry that are often the disruptors."

It's that belief that gave birth to the idea of LFX. With LFX, Spencer removed the constraints that can come with a large 110+ year corporation. He took the "disruptors" within Li & Fung and pulled in others to create a new company with the mandate to transform the retail industry and work towards sustainable consumption.

The architect of Li & Fung's goal to create the supply chain of the future, Spencer served as Group CEO from 2014 to 2020 and now serves as its Group Executive Chairman. He is also on the Board of Trustees at Northeastern University and in January 2021, he was appointed Alternate Representative of Hong Kong to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Advisory Council.

Ed Lam

Chief Executive Officer

"Working towards making sustainable consumption a reality is as meaningful to me as it is exciting. I've been lucky in this world, and I love the idea that my work will benefit the planet in some way."

With a long history of startup alliances, M&As, capital markets fundraising, and venture capital investments, Ed has had a bird’s eye view of what companies need to have in place to succeed and continue their growth trajectories. As an executive committee member and CFO of Li & Fung, he was a key advocate towards the company’s digital transformation. LFX is the culmination of that drive, allowing him to work with teams that embrace the Silicon Valley culture, no matter where they might be.

A graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program, Ed also has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, a BAA from The University of Texas at Austin, and an MIT Executive Certificate in Blockchain Technologies.

Meet the team working at LFX companies.

Here are some of the people at LFX working on projects that are in various development stages.

John Portrait_B&W_Use1
We are constantly scouring the world for technology companies that enhance the global supply chain. With LFX, we have unique opportunity to re-imagine the global supply chain to be more efficient and more sustainable. It’s a tall order but with the global resources of LFX, we are ready to meet the challenge.
John Seung
Janie Yu_Portrait_210304_001_USE1
In my mind, entrepreneurs are the smartest, most driven, and inspiring people. And what great luck I have to be able to work with and learn from them every day! They are at the driver’s seat to transform the global supply chain, and it’s truly exciting for me to be on this journey with them.
Janie Yu
We, at Air8, are relentlessly focused on nurturing the growth of SMEs globally via deep insights and easier access to funding. Leveraging LFX’s deep actionable insights into the global Apparel & General Merchandise industries, we are well-positioned to fulfill this vision by offering truly innovative and sustainable cross-border financial services to our ecosystem of suppliers, buyers and funders.
Alvin Ho
Leveraging technology and data to improve customer experience is my passion. With Air8, I'm excited to use my experience in digital transformation to take our supply chain service offerings to the next level.
Erik Kwok
B&W_Portrait_Zhao Wei
It's crucial for companies to invest in risk management. By using data and innovative technologies, we can design and implement high level risk management protocols to help SMEs build risk capabilities and enable business success.
Zhao Wei
Anthony Lo_LFX_230104_LYP003_B&W(Headshot)
At LFX, we're harnessing the power of data to revolutionize the supply chain industry. We envision a future where supply chains are not only agile, adaptive, and aligned, but also sustainable and transparent. With cutting-edge technologies and innovative data strategies, we're driving efficiency, improving resilience, and continuously driving progress in the industry. Join us to build smarter, faster, and more efficient supply chains.”
Anthony Lo
With LFX, we have the opportunity to connect supply chain players and bridge the trade finance gap to help SMEs hit business growth targets. It's truly rewarding to help form partnerships that can make a positive impact on the industry.
Glenn Wong
Digital Transformation is never just a banner sign and that’s why many attempted enterprises either failed or suffering prolonged changes for years. At LFX, our focus on working with key supply chain leaders and solving key challenges using advance technology applications provide us with the key piece of the puzzle that turns a maze into a vibrant canvas for a advance, effective and digitally driven supply chain.
Mark Leung
Jessica Lee_LFX_230104_LYP021_B&W(Headshot)
The future is now. Innovation and business transformation are topics that business leaders are constantly exploring in this competitive business landscape. LFX is here to assist businesses through innovation and transformation to achieve sustainable business success. I am honored to be on the LFX team.
Jessica Lee
Lena Li_LFX_230109_002_B&W(Headshot)
Having technology as the key to empower innovative ideas and increase productivity are essential to the modern era. With UNIFi3D, I have no doubt technology will sure be the enabler to bring digital fashion to the next level, helping our future generation to live in a more sustainable world. Love technology, love innovation.
Lena Li

Sustainable consumption, one digital connection at a time.

Digital innovations inspired by 100+ years of supply chain experience and insights.

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