LFX launches UNIFi3D, a 3D-as-a-service company, to help apparel brands accelerate their digital transformation journeys

Former Li & Fung 3D team brings extensive experience in digital product creation and manufacturing know-how

HONG KONG & SAN FRANCISCO – April 28, 2021 – LFX, an offshoot of Li & Fung, today launched UNIFi3D, a 3D-as-a-Service company that helps brands accelerate their digital transformation.

Idy Lee, formerly head of Li & Fung’s Digital Product Development Center of Excellence, and her experienced team of 3D and supply chain experts have joined UNIFi3D and will partner directly with apparel brands and retailers to guide them on their first steps in 3D or scale their efforts. UNIFi3D will continue to enable Li & Fung to provide 3D services to its customers.

“The UNIFi3D team has been providing industry-leading digital product creation and commerce services for 100+ apparel brands during the last three years as part of Li & Fung,” said Ed Lam, CEO of LFX. “As an LFX company, UNIFi3D has the most experienced 3D team providing direct services to accelerate apparel brands’ transition to creating and selling products digitally at scale.”

UNIFi3D’s practical 3D expertise enables smooth transition to Digital Product Creation & Commerce (DPCC)

Digital product development has long promised faster product development cycles, faster time-to-market, and enhanced sustainability, but transitioning has been challenging for many brands, with mixed results. “While 3D is the first step to digital transformation, it requires a technology savvy workforce. Apparel brands, however, are built by creative, artistic people with vision – not technologists. Brands who partner with UNIFi3D benefit from our product development expertise and manufacturing know-how, while their designers continue to provide the creative vision,” said Idy Lee, Head of Services at UNIFi3D.

UNIFi3D’s tech-enabled services are designed to enable brands and retailers to kickstart or accelerate their digital product creation and commerce efforts. Working with UNIFi3D makes it possible to:

  • Reduce product development time by as much as 70%
  • Dramatically accelerate time-to-market
  • Respond more quickly to consumer trends
  • Begin sales and marketing prior to manufacturing for increased sell-through
  • Drive sustainability initiatives to minimize wastage by eliminating or reducing physical samples while increasing sell-through

Underscoring UNIFi3D’s mission to accelerate fashion retailers’ transition to creating and selling products digitally, the company also provides 3D education services to its client base, focusing on how to ensure the successful adoption of 3D. Workshops focus on helping brands avoid the common pitfalls for transitioning to DPCC, as well as learning the different ways 3D products can be used to identify market trends, gain greater confidence in buy-orders, and how to better coordinate between sourcing, merchandising, design, and e-commerce teams.

“Getting started with digital product creation does not have to be all or nothing,” said Lee. “We can help set realistic expectations and help product development teams quickly adapt to working within a digital workflow environment.”

For more information visit www.unifi3d.co.



About UNIFi3D

A fashion digital transformation company, UNIFi3D is the first company to emerge from LFX, an investor, incubator, and operator of digital supply chain solutions. A 3D-as-a-Service company, UNIFi3D, provides digital product creation and commerce. Digitally native and traditional retail brands alike can leverage UNIFi3D’s extensive experience and supply chain knowledge to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. For more information visit www.unifi3d.co.

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