Towards the supply chain of the future: Why digital trade finance is the missing link

In this article, Ed Lam and Pamela Mar offer a roadmap to a digital future for supply chains and trade finance, with a focus on Asian SMEs

Digitalization holds huge promise for global supply chains, but it also raises the stakes for the industry to address problems related to SME financing. In a nutshell, if SMEs continue to have difficulties meeting basic investment and working capital needs, the digital supply chain will remain elusive. In an article on Trade Finance Global (TFG), LFX Digital CEO Ed Lam and Fung Group EVP for Knowledge and Applications Pamela Mar address how digital trade finance plus interoperability across networks, could help ensure the growth of SMEs within today’s supply chains.

“Today, we see an opportunity for the trade finance ecosystem to address long-standing challenges of access and efficiency, by building its future around interoperability as a core operating principle,” said Ed. “At LFX, our fintech supply chain finance venture, Air8, aims to leverage our domain supply chain knowledge and data-driven insights to connect our ecosystem stakeholders to make capital more widely available to SME factories.”

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